The Philosophical Apologist (PA), aka Bruce P. Blackshaw, is a Christian of many years who has a strong interest in philosophy, science and mathematics. He is particularly interested in  philosophical arguments for the existence of God.

The PA has university degrees in physics & mathematics, computer science and philosophy.  Oh, almost forgot education. And yes, the PA has spent way too much time studying.

Professionally, the PA is the co-founder of a small, specialised software company which develops and sells encryption software to corporations around the world.

Internet apologetics can sometimes be nasty. The PA intends to employ the principle of charity, which is commonly cited in philosophy. It means when discussing an opponent’s arguments, they are given the best possible interpretation. Karl Popper, one of the greatest philosophers of science, always took the strongest possible interpretation of an opponent’s argument. In fact, he would strengthen their argument if possible. This would be the version of the argument he would then attempt to demolish.

The PA will try to treat everyone with respect, and expects that guests will do the same.

Often, Christian apologetics minimizes or ignores the weaknesses of apologetic arguments while emphasizing their strengths – while doing the opposite to the arguments of opponents.  The intention here is to discuss arguments as honestly as possible, by acknowledging (and even highlighting) weaknesses as well as strengths as arguments are developed.

You can contact the PA for debates and talks here.